22 August 2014

Motel Sunflowers

A few weeks back, Motel so very kindly asked me if I wanted to style up an exclusive new dress of theirs, that being this gorgeous sunflower dress that you are laying your eyes on. I've got to admit, this isnt the first time I've worn it, however the first time I've got proper photos. It's gorgeous. With a tye/ lace up back (sorry I do not know why I didn't take a photo) and this carefree slouchy swingy cut to it, its definitely the most beautiful casual dress I own. Oozing with summer vibes and that 90s nostalgia we love, this dress really has no flaws. I love teaming it up with leather, chains and chunky footwear, to balance out the floral femininity with some androgyny.

You can get 20% off at Motel with my code "helenmelonlady"
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19 August 2014

Summer Breeze OOTD

Just getting over the worst of my illness. God I feel like I'm really milking it. Anyway, sometimes it feels good just to make a little more effort on lazy days, especially when you're not feeling well. I was supposed to be going to a Hen do this weekend, but instead I took it easy and saw my mum for a little bit and sat in and watched movies. I wanted to try out this long cardigan from Warehouse. I love it. It's kind of like a kimono but with a bit more substance. I also LOOOVE these shoes so much. From Spy Love Buy - they look killer, but honestly, I could wear them on a daily basis they are so comfy.

Cardigan - Warehouse
Top & Sunglasses - Elsie and Fred
Shoes - Spy Love Buy
Leggings - Missguided
Choker - Regal Rose

Also get 15% off Spy love buy with code 'melonlady'
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17 August 2014

Lucky Dip Club

I've spent the last week tucked up in bed, ingesting copious amounts of antibiotics, painkillers and a concoction of different mouth treatments. Needless to say, feeling really sorry for myself.
When the postman knocked on the door to bring me this, it really did make my day. It's a small box from a company called Lucky Dip Club. A subscription based gift box in which the contents are customised to you. Inspired by nostalgia and vintage, these hand made boxes can be used as gifts, or just as a little treat for yourself. You don't even have to subscribe, you can just get them as a one off.
When they sent me this box however, it really did give me a huge smile and made me super happy for the rest of the day. My box included; Strawberry socks, A-OK coaster, banana patch, melon necklace, sticky note pad, melon tote bag and some badges. Cuteness and feel good vibes, all carefully packed into a tiny box. Splendid.
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13 August 2014

Summer in the City 2014

Bri Bri, Dottie & Patty
Bethan having a lil' Practice
Evan hard at work. 
Sam Pepper giving Carly a lesson
My Meet and Greet
SamFTW and my twins <3
Louise and her Q&A
Fashion and Beauty Panel

This was the first ever youtube convention I've been to. I must admit, I was a bit scared and I never get scared for events or anything. Why? Because in the Youtube community I'm a bit of an outsider - no this isn't a cue for a sob story - it's true. I live in Norwich, not within the hustle and bustle of London. I never really took part in youtube events previously, or parties, through no fault of my own, just because I was out of the loop. Everything I've done I've done alone and for me. The reason I was afraid was because I do feel like the new kid on the block, even though people know who I am. I find it difficult talking to other Youtubers I've never met, how to approach them etc because at times I they have made it hard for me to talk to them. I'm not talking about all of them, but some. It's very much like being back at high school. If you don't have the sub count or they don't immediately know who you are then 'you cant sit with us' which is probably why I find it a good thing that I'm not part of the immediate community at times. I guess I find it troubling because I talk to anyone as I'm that kind of person. Anyway, back to the topic...

Summer in the city is a fantastic event put together by Tom Burns and his team. I must say - he did a bloody amazing job. It was set in the incredible Alexandra Palace perched on the top of London. Along with tonnes of Youtubers, performing, signing and chatting, there were fun things to do. They had disney down, youtube there, lots of interacting stands and loads of places to buy merch. I would of liked to of explored it more. But I was so busy. My band Box of Light performed on the saturday. I also did a music panel that day. On the sunday I did a meet and greet and also did a fashion and beauty panel. I had to shoot off after, so I missed Emma's head shave, which was a shame because I met her there and we got on really well so I would liked to of supported her.

I did meet some amazing Youtubers and it did make me feel more confident on entering the world. I also got to meet an overwhelming amount of followers who were so wonderful! I cant wait to go to more!

What I wore:
Dress - Missguided
Shoes - TUK
Necklace - Lost at Sea
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12 August 2014

ELKIN Giveaway

Elkin. Skulls, witch craft, mystery, ritual. These words to me encapsulate what they stand for. The contacted me not so long ago asking if I would like to give one of my readers a necklace identical to the one i'm waring here. Its a rose gold with a skull and geometric detail. It's subtle, delicate and easy to wear.

If you want a chance to win this, follow my blog and Elkin, then just enter below :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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5 August 2014

Matty's First Tattoo - Thomas Bates

Because I'm the coolest girlfriend ever, I thought for Matthew's birthday, to treat him to his first tattoo. He hasn't been desperate to get tattooed, nor do I think he needs them, he's stunning the way he is. But when we have spoken about them a few times and he's always said he'd have a wolf. When decided what to get him I took it upon myself to think, start how you mean to carry on, so I wanted his first tattoo to be spectacular.

I called upon Thomas Bates, local so very handy, an overwhelming good illustrator and tattoo artist to do the deed. Tom has done artwork for countless bands which have been jaw droppingly good, and his tattooing skills are extremely sought after. He's even split across two studios, one in Norwich and one in London.

Tom was really up for doing a scary wolf and his style works so well on something that could of potentially looked a bit tacky! He's a really cool and friendly guy too, there's a little bit of stigma around tattoo artists being a bit unfriendly or stuck up, with Tom, we chatted about everything and anything (well mostly boy things). I will most definitely be asking Tom for some work soon so keep an eye out!

Check out Toms work here
Tattoo Studio is Indigo

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