30 September 2014

Heartlands - OOTD

Part two of my previous post was my outfit, I was so happy with it, I felt like it needed its own dedicated post.

I love this mystical witch style. I layers of dress and my long sleeved chiffon cardigan/ kimono made me feel gracious. I love the dark tones contrasting with my hair.

Agin, if you know me by now I really have embraced the 90s grunge and I really felt I was in The Craft this day.

Cardigan - H&M
Belt - Primark
Shoes - Office

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28 September 2014


Part two of our venture to the south, we played heartlands festival. After staying in a Travelodge after the Tiki bar show we awoke to the rolling hills of the Cornish country side and set fourth for the next show. With time to spare we found a small town called Redruth - which seemed to be having a traditional celebration of some sort, so we thought it only be rude if we didn't join in.
I don't know about the Pasties, but this man was gooorgeous.
After consuming a relatively decent amount of pasties, we left and 5 minutes later we were at our destination, an old mine. We played alongside gang of Four, Boomtown rats, UB40 amongst many others. The crowd were great and so many people that had never heard of us came to compliment us after the show. So happy!

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26 September 2014

New Purple Hair OOTD

This post is part two from my hair dying with The Egg salon as I felt my outfit deserved it own Lime Light. Lets start with the dress, my newest purchase from Motel rocks, this little velvet number is 100% my new favourite thing. I knew I was going for mauve hair so purposefully selected this to match up. It feels great too, lots of velvets I've tried have been a little rough, this is so soft and luxurious with a blue lining on the inside for even more comfort. The daisy kimono I've been swishing around with all summer is quite long on me so I have to wear something chunky on the feet, But I always feel somewhat ethereal when I wear it. It glides through the wind. Chunky boots are a must and I accessorised with some dainty necklaces.

Dress - Motel - Use code 'helenmelonlady' for 20% off
Kimono - Missguided
Shoes - Office
Choker - Nomadic Store
Crystal Necklace- Delilah Dust
Sunglasses - Oasap
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24 September 2014

Mauve Hair @ The Egg ft Wella Instamatic

Feeling the itch progressively becoming more irritable, my need for change something my hair was shouting out for. Funny story really - on my way home one night last week, I bumped into my friend Jacqui who was leaving work from The Egg, she then started to tell me about the new colour range The Egg have taken on by Wella. She then walked me back to the salon to look and my instant reaction was YES. We booked in an appointment and here we go.....
The new instamatic range by Wella are chalky colours and tones to add to white - dark blonde hair. Depending on your shade will determine the outcome, for example on white hair you will see the colours from the strand test in the pictures above. But on darker hair, these will add a hue or a slight extra tone. The general mixing rule (which I've taken from Wella, I hope you done mind) is as below:

"Like a colour filter, Matte Gloss delivers a diffused colour finish that varies according to the hair colour it’s applied on. 

Mix 1 : 1 with 1.9 % or 4% COLOR TOUCH Emulsion (30g INSTAMATIC + 30g of 1.9 % - 4 % COLOUR TOUCH). 

To express your creativity to the max, mix iNSTAMAT!C + COLOUR TOUCH with COLOR.ID. 
INSTAMATIC also offers new possiblities for colour correction: use Jaded Mint on hair that's too red, Ocean Storm on hair that's too orange and Muted Mauve on hair that's too yellow"

These gorgeous subtle colours have also been a hit at London Fashion week, with a pop up salon. Search #colourfash to see all the girls that took part and grabbed an appointment.
Here is my finished result. These images don't really show the colour in its truest form, but its the favourite shade of purple I've been. Callum insisted on creating an ethereal, dreamy look. He wanted purple but not purple, a sort of dulled down version. This colour looks professional and feels unique. He used a lighter colour for the bottom and ends and for the top of my head a slightly more powerful shade, this again creates a cascade and transition from more vivid to a gentle tone. 

I love my hair.  Thanks so much The Egg. Callum you are incredible and inspirational. Jacqui, thank you so much for your constant help, guidance and arranging this.
Thank you Wella for inventing this! 
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22 September 2014

Sunflower Baby OOTD

You may have seen one of these photos in my previous post dedicated to my time in Egypt. This was my favourite outfit from my holiday. The top was in fact my swimsuit. It is a body shaping wrap round detail halter neck, so flattering in every way.  It was also made from a sort of silk material so not only do you feel good in it, you ACTUALLY feel good in it. 

The skirt is high waisted with a gorgeous sunflower print - I've been about the big floral prints this summer. I like this because I feel it somehow adds some symmetry to the halter neck strap. I accessorised with this huge monochrome hat, a statement ethnic gold necklace and my favourite black sunnies. The gladiator sandals are also a favourite - shame the metal detail wasn't gold for this outfit. 

This was perfect for my luxury day in the private beach cabana, if I fancied a swim it was ok because the heat made sure I dried off quickly if I then wanted to put the skirt back on.

Swimsuit and hat - Matalan
Skirt - Oasap
Sandals - Ark
Necklace - Lost at Sea

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17 September 2014

Tiki Bar Plymouth

I've never ventured that far south before. My band Box Of Light had our first proper headline show and the Tiki bar in Plymouth, so we left at 9am, pulled up at 6pm (awful right) and were welcomed into this far city in the toe of England with open arms.
Our rider- Anything off the Menu
Your Photos - I love them!

The venue itself sits under a bar and grill which is the Tiki bar, with a strong tropical theme with hints of 50s tropicana. The bar prides off a delicious cocktail menu, then an impressive selection of burgers and meat dishes. Normally when we play shows, a rider (its anything you want within reason when playing a show, the more successful you are, the more crazy your rider can be) usually consists of a few beers and some sandwiches. At the Tiki bar - they let us pick what ever we wanted off the menu - so happy! The turn out for the show was incredible. We were 10 tickets off selling out the show. Some people travelled up to two hours to see us that night, I was so so flattered. I want to thanks Kate for putting the show together!

What I wore:
Dress - Missguided
Boots - Palladium
Sungalsses - Karmaloop
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