30 March 2014

Mother's Day

I had a delightful time round mother's today. We ate loads of food, good meats, salad and potatoes and finger picking goodness. Followed by an array of cakes. I haven't eaten that much in a while because I'm trying to be on a health kick to loose some weight before my busy summer!
My sisters and my nieces were over and we had a really nice afternoon, most of which was spent retrieving Lola from the neighbours garden, that she decided she took a fancy for as she found a way in. I love my mother, I hope you all had a great day with your families too!

What Im wearing:
Top: Romwe
Jeans: Primark
Necklace: Lost at Sea (Use 'MELONLADY' for 15% off)
Head Chain: Claire's Accesories
Shoes: Converse Star Players


  1. Can't find that blouse anywhere on the Romwe site D: its so pretty!

  2. Hi helen my name is dana I love your style and you are just so radical. I love all of your videos on youtube . You are one of the most inspiring girls on youtube your just so beautiful so is your family I see that it runs in the genes.I rellay hope that you pick me because I love your style. Thank you sincerley Dana ♥

  3. Looks like a fun day! Loving that necklace! Never seen anything like it before.


  4. All that food o_O and you look beautiful :D

  5. looking gorgeous melon! that top really suits you! hope you had a good mothers day, and that lola got you loads of presents ;) xx

  6. Wow all that food looks great!!! You look wonderful! Would you mind checking out my blog?
    It would mean the world to me.

  7. Beautiful pictures, love that headband on you <3

    The Quirky Queer

  8. unusual outfit, i like very much. <3

  9. love love love your hair colour and gorgeous photos!


  10. I just found your blog and I love it! I also started to follow you on youtube:)

  11. You look amazing! I absolutely adore your hair color!